Agents sold an average of 5.3 homes per month in 2022

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Estate agents across Britain sold 5.3 homes on average each month in 2022, new research suggests.

Analysis by Nested has found there are an estimated 13,396 estate agents across Britain – based on Zoopla data - and some 844,995 homes were sold in 2022, equating to an average of 70,416 homes sold per month or 5.3 per agent.

Some regions are home to a far higher selling rate than others.

The average agent in Scotland sold 13.1 homes per month, according to the research.

In the North West of England, the average agent sold 8.8 homes per month, while this figure stood at 8.6 homes sold per agent in the East Midlands. 

With the London market largely underperforming when compared to the rest of the UK since the start of the pandemic property market boom, the region also ranks last in terms of market activity per agent. 

The figures show that the average agent within the capital sold just 1.8 homes per month in 2022, with the South East seeing the next lowest level of activity at 4.3 homes sold per agent each month.

At city level, Bradford ranks top where 12.4 homes were sold per agent every month, followed by Edinburgh at 10.9 and Sheffield at 6.5.

Alice Bullard, managing director at Nested, said:  “Despite increasing interest rates and the market instability that followed September’s mini-Budget, 2022 remained a busy year for the nation’s estate agents, who continued to service a high level of market activity.

“Of course, while the market as a whole has stood firm, some areas have remained busier than others and nowhere more so than in Scotland where the country’s agents sold a quite remarkable level of homes.

In contrast, the slow but steady landscape seen across London has meant that the level of homes sold per agent is considerably lower than the rest, although the silver lining is that the fees earned across the capital are substantially higher due to the higher cost of property.”

Via @EstateAgentToday