East Midlands and Greater London the UK’s fastest growing regions

Posted on Friday, April 26, 2024

Between now and 2040 the population in Greater London and the East Midlands is projected to rise the most, each anticipating 12% growth, planning and development consultancy Marrons has said. 

Leicester needs to build 44,000 new homes to meet the needs of the city’s population, while Nottingham should welcome a 3% increase in the first-time buyer population.

North Northamptonshire is set to be a hotspot for later living development opportunities, where one in three residents should be above 66 by 2040, an increase of 50%.

In terms of Greater London, Marrons recommended for the city to grow outwards, seeing as land in the city is so scarce.

Regarding what’s required in each borough, by 2040 there should be a 26% increase in the student age population in Islington, meaning the borough is the perfect place for more accommodation suitable for them.

In Tower Hamlets, London’s traditional East End, there’s a need to build 102,500 homes by 2040, while there’s also a huge requirement for more later living accommodation in the borough.

Camden should see the largest uptick in first-time buyer and families in the capital, by 29% from now to 2040.

Via @PropertyWire