Easter egg spend

Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2023

  • An egg-stimated 80 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK each year. Based on an average cost of £5.18 per egg, this egg-quates to an egg-spenditure of over £400 million, the equivalent to over 1,400 average-priced homes.
  • By property type, this would be more than 1,700 terraced homes and over 1,300 bungalows, compared to 900 detached homes.
  • The largest decorated Easter egg was 16.72m tall and 10.88m in diameter, created by a local artist in Brazil on 18 February 2023, as part of the annual Easter festival.
  • This egg was twice the height of an average UK two-storey house of between 6 and 7.5 metres, and over 3 times the height of a bungalow. Sources: Dataloft, Finder, Land Registry, Guinness World Records, Gigacalculator, UK HPI Jan 2023, based on the average price of a UK home of £288,074