From the lowest to the highest – how high street agents’ fees add up across the country

Posted on Friday, October 26, 2018

The table below shows the lowest and highest percentage fees, and what that on average works out to, based on Land Registry prices as at the second quarter of this year.

Lowest traditional estate agent fees in the UK

1)    Glasgow and Leicester 0.84% (£1,042) and (£1,577)

2)    Edinburgh 0.89% (£2,127)

3)    Hull 0.91% (£1,086)

4)    Bradford 0.94% (£1,555)

5)    Liverpool and Bristol – 0.95% (£1,424) and (£2,852)

Highest traditional estate agent fees in the UK

1)    London 1.70% (£10,877)

2)    Sunderland 1.33% (£1,885)

3)    Manchester 1.31% (£2,5,95)

4)    Birmingham 1.25% (£2,568)

5)    Leeds 1.18% (£2,444)

The statstics also reveal that, overall, traditional estate agent fees have fallen across the UK property landscape since 2016.

Leicester saw the biggest reduction in fees going from 1.41% in 2016 to 0.89% in 2018, a drop of over 40%.

However, an exception is specialist agents selling properties in high-value areas like N1 in London contributing to a hike of 45% (from 1.5% in 2016 to 2.18% in 2018) CEO Alex Thorpe, said: “It’s no surprise that, over the last few years, traditional agents have increasingly brought fees down to compete with online and hybrid agents.

“However, we have seen that high street agents have continued to evolve their service to justify the extra fees with more focus on service along with an emphasis on helping to manage the entire process from marketing to completion.

“We provide a level playing field for both traditional and online agents, so sellers can find the best option for them.”

The same research also shows online estate agents fees have increased 37% over the last two year