Finding the right flatmates

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Living with someone is quite different to getting on with them! Usually, you find flatmates quite naturally at university, often people who share halls will then look to move in together after their first year. 

However, if you are consciously seeking a flatmate, finding people with similar interests can be a good idea. People from your course will understand your needs – music students know you need to practice and are likely to be more tolerant.

Here are some of the best qualities to look for: 


Laundry, washing up and the bathroom can be some of the most common areas for arising issues.  


Someone with a short fuse may not make for a peaceful home life.


People who love to chat could become a little overwhelming, but you do need to be able to communicate with your fellow housemates. Whether it is over practical duties, like putting the bins out, or a more serious house issue bottling things could result in bigger disputes when at breaking point.


If you are sharing a home, you want to know others will be respectful of your things.