Most expensive roads in our area

Posted on Friday, January 14, 2022

London certainly has Britain’s most expensive roads; after all, Zoopla estimates that the Kensington Palace Gardens is the most expensive road with an average property price of £29,898,000 for the 13th consecutive year! This is no mean feat whatsoever. Despite that our area didn’t make it to Zoopla’s top 10 list, as an estate agent based in Holloway, we wanted to present our own top 10 list of the most expensive roads in this area and so we did our own research! Without further ado, let’s move on to our list and find out which road is the most expensive of all!


Whitehall Park, N19

According to Dataloft and Zoopla figures, Whitehall Park, N19 is the least expensive road in the area! The majority of properties sold in the past 5 years were terraced ones and on average they sold over £2,000,000! Conveniently located within the Whitehall Park Conservation Area, its fine views, red-brick properties, beautiful, late Victorian houses and the proximity to Archway tube station, as well as its relative affordability, make Whitehall Park road a true investment.


Tufnell Park Road, N7

With a sale of almost £2,400,000 for a terraced property 22 months ago, Tufnell Park Road has risen to the second to last expensive road in the area! According to Rightmove though, prices for terraced properties have gone down a bit during the last year and the average price was £1,751,250, while for flats the average price was £595,125.

The history of the road is quite interesting indeed, as the area of Tufnell Park was known for its dairy farms until 1822 when the Tufnells sought building permission and created the Tufnell Park Road two years later. Situated in zone 2, it offers good connections to central London via the Northern Line and necessary tranquillity for small families.


St. Georges Avenue, N7

St. Georges Avenue, N7 has always been on the map of – somewhat – expensive roads in the area. A terraced house sold in June 2021 for over £2,400,000, while overall prices during the last year went up to 55%! The majority of sales in St Georges Avenue were flats (57% to be more precise), however terraced houses still hold interest.

Tree-lined, close to Holloway Road and Tufnell Park Road, St Georges Avenue offers a quiet alternative to living in Islington. With plenty of green spaces (Dalmeny Park and Tufnell Park Playing Fields) and a church of St George dating back to the 1860s, St Georges Avenue is clearly a road to think about when looking to buy a property in the area!


Highwood Road, N19

Highwood Road is 7th on our list of most expensive roads in the area, with a 5-bed terraced house selling for £1,500,000 22 months ago and a 6-bed detached Victorian for £2,450,000 a year ago. However, based on Rightmove data, sold prices over the last year have gone down 67%, so keep your eyes peeled!

With plenty of schools around, the London Metropolitan University in Holloway Road less than 20 minutes away and a wide variety of choice regarding restaurants and bars, a Highwood Road property will tick all the right boxes!


Ellington Street, N7

Ellington Street, N7 is number 6 on our list, but so far, with the most terraced houses to be sold! In fact, 67% of properties sold are terraced houses. According to Dataloft and Rightmove figures, a 5-bed terraced house sold for £2,875,000 back in March 2020, while a 3-bed terraced sold for £1,150,000 in October 2013! Flats don’t do so bad either with an overall average price of £773,250 over the last year.

With the Union Chapel only 13 minutes away and Little Angel Theatre in Islington less than 20 minutes away, Ellington Street is a quiet street full of Victorian houses in a convenient location.


Huddleston Road, N7

Huddleston Road is an interesting entry for our list. With a 5-bed terraced house sold in September 2020 for £2,910,000 and another 5-bed terraced and a 5-bed semi-detached sold in 2017 for almost a million less, it certainly looks like prices are going up. Flat prices are also up; 16% higher than the previous year to be more exact.

 Huddleston Road is a short walk to Tufnell Park Station offering great transport links to Central London. With Hampstead Heath only half an hour away, Huddleston Road is a great place to stay and buy property!


Carleton Road, N7

Carleton Road, N7 was put on the map 2 years ago as a detached 2-bed house was sold for almost £3,000,000! According to Rightmove though it looks like prices are going down with the majority of sold properties being flats. These are a more affordable choice with a 2-bed flat selling for £700,000 this March to a basement flat selling for almost a £1,000,000 back in January 2020.

With less than 15 minutes’ walk from Tufnell Park tube station and plenty of choices for eating and shopping, Carleton Road is an attractive choice for investing in the area.


Thane Villas, N7

Entering our Top 3, Thane Villas, N7 is a road in Holloway, Islington where a detached house was sold for £3,120,000 in April this year, according to Dataloft. Terraced houses though are far more affordable, as on average they are sold for over £700,000. With the majority of sales being flats, it’s not a coincidence that they are easily snapped up. Tranquil, conveniently located within walking distance between Finsbury Park and Holloway Road, and with plenty of primary schools around, Thane Villas are a great choice for families and young professionals stepping on the property ladder.


Liverpool Road, N7

Liverpool Road, N7 is the silver medal winner of the most expensive roads in the area. A 3-bed semi-detached house sold for almost £3,400,000 in March 2020, another 3-bed terraced sold for £2,539,000 in July 2020, while this year a 4-bed terraced sold for £2,150,000! Even flats sold over £1,000,000 during the last 5 years, so it’d be worth it to have a think about it, if you are looking to invest in the area. Close to tube and Overground stations and with Islington at your fingertips, Liverpool Road is a fantastic location to search for properties.


Furlong Road, N7

Furlong Road takes the crown of most expensive roads in the area! The year that made the difference was definitely 2017, when a 5-bed semi-detached sold for almost £4,000,000 and another 4-bed semi-detached sold for over £3,600,000. Again in 2019, a detached house sold for £3,385,000, so it seems that prices have been going down a bit; to be more exact, over the last year prices went down by 9% than the year before. Close to the above Liverpool Road and to Highbury and Islington Station, Furlong Road, with its proximity to Highbury Fields as well as independent eateries and gastropubs, remains an enviable property location.


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