MPs to receive letting agents’ briefing on Renters Reform Bill

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Propertymark says it’s going to send a briefing on behalf of letting agents to every MP and member of the House of Lords.

The document will be sent in time for the Second Reading of the Renters Reform Bill, scheduled for some time (as yet unspecified) in the week beginning June 5.

Last week the Bill had its First Reading - merely the publication of the Bill, and used by the government and pressure groups as the opportunity to give general views on the Bill’s broad intentions.

Next month’s Second Reading will be the first opportunity for MPs to actually debate the main principles. The debate will be opened by a government minister - most likely either Housing Secretary Michael Gove or Housing Minister Rachel Maclean. 

Labour, as the official opposition, then responds to the Bill and backbench MPs from all parties are invited to give their opinions.

This Second Reading takes at least several hours and possibly more than one day, given the complexity of the Renters Reform Bill.

After the Second Reading there is then the so-called Committee Stage, when a panel of around 20 MPs - usually chaired by an MP with experience in the subject - has the power to examine the Bill clause-by-clause, including consideration of relevant amendments from MPs. 

At Committee Stage in the Commons, MPs can take oral and written evidence on the Bill. 

Then the Bill proceeds to the Report Stage, taken in the whole House of Commons and not in committee form: at this stage only amendments are discussed.

Finally, the Third Reading is another general discussion on the broad terms of the amended Bill: no additional amendments are permitted. 

The same multi-stage process then goes on in the House of Lords - with minor variations - and once the Bill has been through the Third Reading in both houses, it goes to receive Royal Assent and becomes an Act. 

A statement from Propertymark says: “This publication of the Bill has generated significant media coverage and it is important that letting agents communicate with their landlords and tenants that nothing has changed at this stage. Propertymark member agents can provide confidence to their landlords that they will be updated by their professional body with factual timely information.

“As the Bill progresses, it will be subject to amendments, during which time Propertymark will be lobbying to represent the interests of our member agents and their clients and support them to understand the changes to ensure they are implemented successfully.”

Via @LettingAgentToday