No chains mean fast sales - but hefty premiums too

Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Properties selling without a chain not only sell more quickly, as one might expect, but also appear to attract a substantial premium.

Quick buy firm HBB Solutions analysed market data across 10 major UK cities and found that on average, a chain free home comes in at £244,928.

That’s £23,131 more than the wider average cost of buying. 

Nottingham was home to the highest chain-free property price premium at a huge £47,251,.

Liverpool (£46,373), London (£35,438), Glasgow (£20,818) and Newcastle (£17,972) also ranked within the top five.

Some 10 per cent of transactions involve a property without a chain although some locations - particularly where buy to let purchases at numerous - have larger proportions.

In Manchester, for example, HBB found 26 per cent of sales had no chains.

Via @EstateAgentToday