Property market optimism underpinned by encouraging listings data

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2024

New data from Landmark Information Group shows that the stronger listings seen during Q1 this year are painting a positive picture for the summer. 

Landmark’s newly released Q1 Residential Property Trends report shows a cautiously optimistic market – although one that is still highly reactive to external shocks such as fluctuating interest rates.

According to the data, supply is particularly encouraging, with listings on average 5% higher than 2019 benchmark levels throughout Q1 – an improvement on previous quarters where supply tracked the 2019 benchmark. This stronger supply signals a positive start to 2024 and indicates that demand is likely to pick up in Q2 as strong supply starts to filter through as sellers become buyers.

However, the data shows that while there has been an increase in the availability of more competitively priced mortgage products in recent months, constrained affordability continues to prevent demand from progressing, with SSTC and completion levels down circa 40% on 2019 levels.

However, March volumes cooled in response to lenders re-pricing throughout March – decreasing more than would be expected in typical market conditions, suggesting a degree of reactivity in the market.

Simon Brown, CEO of Landmark Information Group, said: “This quarter has seen a continuation of the green shoots of recovery we saw towards the end of last year, with stronger listings painting a positive picture for the summer.

"Despite this cautious optimism, it’s clear that the market still needs stability, reacting more extremely to volatility in mortgage rates than we would typically see in a healthy market. If rates decrease – and then crucially, stabilise for a sustained period of time – there are clear indications that pent-up demand could start to flow through into the summer period.”

Via @PropertyReporter