Scotland remains the fastest place to sell a home: Rightmove

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2024

Sellers in Scotland can expect to find a buyer for their home in an average of just 43 days, almost twice as quick as those selling a home in Wales. 

The latest market analysis from Rightmove has revealed that Carluke in Scotland is Great Britain’s fastest-selling market, with sellers in the area finding a buyer in an average of just 24 days.

Falkirk follows closely in second place, with homes finding buyers in just 26 days on average, while Larbert takes third place with an average of 27 days to find a buyer.

Scotland remains the quickest market across Great Britain, finding a buyer in 43 days on average, while Wales takes over from London as this year’s slowest market to find a buyer, with it taking on average 82 days to find a buyer.

Across Great Britain, it is currently taking 71 days on average for homes to find a buyer, compared with 57 days last year, the longest at this time of year since 2019. Agents report that it is still a very price-sensitive market, and buyers are taking their time to find the right home among greater property choice.

Scotland (+3 days longer to find a buyer) and London (+3 days longer) are the least affected areas compared to last year. The East of England is the most affected, with it taking an average of 19 days longer to find a buyer than last year.

Some of the current slowest markets were coastal hotspots during the pandemic years, such as St Ives in Cornwall, which is second slowest, taking 129 days on average to find a buyer (+34 days longer than last year) and Brixham in Dorset taking 119 days (+44 days longer than last year).

Rightmove’s property expert Tim Bannister said: “As this Spring brings more optimism for movers, it’s important that sellers consider that it’s taking longer to find the right buyer than at this time last year, despite the market being busier.

"The quickest areas to find a buyer continue to mostly be in Scotland, and it’s only taking two days longer than last year to find a buyer on average across Scotland, compared to two weeks longer on average across Great Britain, highlighting the multi-speed market.

"Sellers keen to find a buyer as soon as possible this Spring should work closely with their local estate agent, to price accurately for their local area.”

Via @PropertyReporter