The Guild claims to have saved agents over £26m last year

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2021

Members of The Guild of Property Professionals were able to save thousands on costs last year by being a part of one of the UK’s largest estate agency networks, according to Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals.

The organisation claims that it was able to collectively save its members more than £26m in costs that they would have otherwise paid for products and services to third parties had they not been a part of the network.

McKenzie explained: “There are a wide variety of invaluable tools that are included in our standard Membership package that if purchased separately would cost agents in the regional of *£3,294 per month if they had to approach third parties independently for those products and services.

“Considering our monthly Memberships fees are £495, each of our Members is potentially saving around £2,799 a month, which equates to £33,588 a year and over £26 million throughout the network,”

He added: “The size and influence of our network has allowed us to negotiate preferential deals with third party suppliers for our Members, helping to money back in their pockets.

“Rather than paying for fragmented services, it makes sense for property professionals to join a network such as The Guild and get the exclusivity, the referrals, the income-generating tools, legal advice and compliance all under one roof for a set monthly fee.”

The organisation introduced several additional tools and products last year that it says not only saved members money, but also generated further revenue.

McKenzie continued: “The underlying goal of our organisation, which drives our decision making in terms of our service offering is split into three aspects, which are to save money, make money and remain compliant.

“During 2020 we launched a number of lead generation products such as the virtual viewings and valuation tools, Hooked, and Dataloft market reports, to name a few, which helped our members to increase their revenue streams and gain market share in a very unpredictable and challenging year.”