The Irish property market hotspots in England and Wales

Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2022

Today is St Patrick’s Day, celebrated in some form as far back as the ninth century and as far afield as Australia and even the International Space Station.

In modern times the day has evolved into a celebration of all things Irish and the perfect excuse to indulge in a pint or two of the cream.

However, for those of us who wish to embrace or adopt some Celtic roots on a longer-term basis, research by has revealed which areas of the property market are home to the highest proportion of Irish homeowners and renters so you can enjoy the craic all year round.

It’s estimated some 531,000 Irish people live within England and Wales and while this is less than 1% of the population, it still equates to a sizable 221,286 households across the nation.

Based on current market values, GetAgent estimates that the total worth of this Paddy owned property portfolio sits at a staggering £64.4bn despite the Irish accounting for a small proportion of the population.

By region

With an estimated 175,974 Irish residents living across London, the capital is not only home to the highest number, but at £38.2bn, it’s also home to the most valuable Irish property portfolio of all regions.


The South East ranks second both in terms of size (73,571) and value (£11.7bn) and while the North West (64,930) is home to a higher Irish population than both the East of England (55,573) and West Midlands (55,216), the latter two regions boast a more valuable Irish stamp on the property market at £7.9bn and £5.5bn.


In terms of the number of Irish in relation to total population size, the London Borough of Brent is the best place to buy, with Irish residents accounting for 4% of all the borough’s inhabitants. Islington also ranks high (3.9%) along with Hammersmith and Fulham (3.5%) and Camden (3.2%), while outside of London Luton is the home to the most Irish inhabitants (3%).

Camden also accounts for the most valuable sum of property, with Irish homeowners and renters accounting for an estimated 5,422 dwellings to the tune of £2.69bn, followed by Brent (£2.66bn) and Islington (£2.59bn).

Birmingham is home to the highest sheer volume of Irish inhabitants at an estimated 22,021 and is also home to the highest value in terms of Irish homes outside of London at just shy of £2m. Manchester, Coventry, Leeds and Liverpool also rank as the best cities outside of London for St Patrick’s Day homebuyers, based on the sheer volume of Irish inhabitants.

Colby Short, Founder and CEO of, commented: “You’ll never beat the Irish when it comes to St Patrick’s Day celebrations but there are a number of areas across the nation with a strong Irish population that are sure to offer the next best thing whether you’re looking to rent or buy.

"Unfortunately, the most Irish areas of the property market are largely located within the London market and so those looking to extend their St Patrick’s Day celebrations on a permanent basis are likely to pay a high price regardless of whether they’re looking to buy or rent.”

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