Tips for Settling In

Posted on Monday, May 16, 2022

How do you become a local when settling into a new area? When you attend a new school as a child, go to university for the first time, even start a new job – there is almost always someone or even an entire committee dedicated to you becoming acclimatised to the area. Moving across town or across the country can be daunting so we complied some of the top tips to help you feel like a local!

· Talk to your estate agent

o Your estate agent is a local expert on more than the property market – they often have great suggestions on schools, restaurants, events, community groups and more! Make sure the area you are looking to settle into meets your needs and don’t be afraid to ask questions, so you find the best fit not just in your next home but also the community that feels just right for you

· Join online groups

o With just the click of a button you can connect with people in your area – Facebook groups and forums are great resources to join even before you move. Be curious…people love to talk about what they love! You can ask for general suggestions like where to eat or shop, or about something specific to an interest of yours, such as where the best place to bike in the area is. Also, look for groups specific to you! Expectant mothers’, groups, books clubs with shared interests, and travel groups are great examples.

· Find local routines and don’t be afraid to become a regular!

o If you’re a coffee drinker, this is an easy place to start. Try out local coffee shops until you find your favourite! Once you start to frequent the location this is a great place to make conversation with others who you already have something in common with. Friendliness can always turn into friendship. And check out their local notice boards …. a great place to find resources, learn about classes, and more.

· Participate in local activities

o There is an activity for everyone in every town, you just must look for them! Quiz nights, classes at a leisure centre, book clubs, dance classes, sports clubs, etc. A great way to meet people with common interests and discover all your area has to offer.

· Volunteer in your community

· Giving back to the community you join is a wonderful way to get involved and meet others who care about where they live and the people that live there. You could even investigate opportunities to work with animals; working with animals has also been shown to improve mood and even reduce stress and anxiety Love the earth

o Every community has a recycling centre or other green groups. Help plant a garden, host a walk on a riverway, become an expert in local flora and fauna. If connecting to the outdoors is something you love, explore that interest in your new town!

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