Top hiring hotspots for remote workers

Posted on Monday, May 23, 2022

  • The government's 'levelling up' agenda played a significant role in the recent Queen's Speech. New research indicates that changing employment patterns may well be providing a kickstart.
  • 22 out of the top 25 remote worker hotspots are outside of London and the South East, of which 10 are in so-called ‘Red Wall’ areas.
  • Job adverts offering the flexibility to work remotely have tripled compared to pre-pandemic levels in the top-ranked so-called 'Zoom towns', creating new opportunities for high streets and local economies.
  • Societal changes in employment patterns are also likely to impact future housing patterns. Those looking to change jobs may opt for a longer commute on 'office' workdays rather than relocating lock stock and barrel. Source: Dataloft, Indeed, Zoom (2022)