Top Tips for Spring Selling Season

Posted on Monday, March 27, 2023

It is widely acknowledged that spring is the most ideal time to sell or buy property. The mild weather is a benefit for the market, with house-hunters encouraged to go out and pursue viewings without the worry of the weather. It is also the time of the year when families can start to think about matching their move with the end of the school term and causing little disruption to the new year in September. So, if you’re looking to put your home on the market, we’ve taken a look at some simple tips you can use this spring to ensure you make the most of the demand and get the best possible price.

Improve your home’s kerb appeal

One of the most crucial aspects of selling, particularly during the spring, is ensuring that the property’s ‘kerb appeal’ is at its highest. Seeing a property that is well-kept and in good condition, with care and attention clearly shown to its exterior appearance (particularly in the sunshine of a spring day) can help to make a great first impression. Make sure to refresh peeling paint and power wash dirt from the exterior walls. If you have a front garden, make sure this is well kept in a style in keeping with the rest of your home, taking time to remove any weeds or dead leaves that may have accumulated.

Don’t forget the small touches

Another crucial basic is the spring clean – make sure all areas are clean, including areas that may be missed typically like behind appliances. Finishing touches, such as a scented candle or a vase of flowers (which help to bring spring indoors!) are also nice touches. If you have larger projects that you feel you need to do before selling your home, keep in mind that these restorations, re-models and updates are for someone else. Therefore, remember that any additions or remodels should be those that will aid the property in selling faster, rather than changes that may appeal to your particular taste. Examples of changes with a high return for investment are hardwood floor refinishing and new wood flooring, as well as roofing and garage door replacements, whereas additions such as fibreglass or steel front doors and kitchen upgrades brought in a considerably smaller return.

Focus on the garden

One of the key advantages of selling in the spring is being able to bring any outdoor space you have alive. With plants flourishing, it is the perfect chance to make sure your outdoor space is looking its best. Whether this is a large garden or a small patio, using the space creatively and ensuring it is well kept will greatly add to the appeal of your home. Mowing the lawn, adding fresh gravel, and power washing paving stones are among the basics, and additions such as a trellis to hide any less attractive features, nice pots and clean furniture with decorative cushions are all easy fixes. As its spring, bright flowers are also a great idea.

This spring, the market is likely to be busy with potential buyers, so take the time to get your home looking it’s best for any viewings!

Via @PropertyWire