Tufnell Park

History of Tufnell Park

Tufnell Park in north London, straddles the borders of Islington and Camden Tufnell Park Road runs along the line of an old Roman way which stretches from what used to be a Roman camp (under what’s now Barclays Bank) , along the Holloway Roads (near Batten’s Carpets), up Dartmouth Hill and over Hampstead Heath.

Known for centuries as a dairy farming area that supplied the Capital with fresh milk, Tufnell Park was sold off to the illustrious Tufnell family in the 18th Century as part of the Barnsbury manor. They held on to their estate right up until the turn of the 20th Century and their stately home was on the site of what’s now the Odeon in Holloway. To this day, several local street names are named after family members including Mary Carleton (Carleton Road N7) . Serious building began in the area in the mid 19th Century around Carleton Road with a scheme sponsored by Henry Tufnell, designed by John Shaw Jr and developed by George Truefitt who built imposing local villas in roads such as Anson and Carleton for wealthy retired merchants, along with St. George's Church. However, a second, denser wave of building around Celia, Hugo, Corinne, Huddleston and Archibald Roads was received with trepidation by locals at the time, who felt the area was becoming too Metropolitan.

Enjoying what Tufnell Park has to offer

In recent years, Tufnell park has transformed from a fairly quiet suburb in Zone 2 on the Northern Line, to a highly desirable place for London’s Professionals and families to make their home. The area boasts some well-regarded local schools, live jazz at the Tufnell Park Tavern, with artisanal cafes and upmarket shops along Fortess Road near Tufnell Park Tube. The National Youth Theatre is also nearby on the Holloway Road.

Celebrities have made Tufnell Park their Home : Chrisopher Lee (actor), Clive James (satirist), Bill Nighy (actor), Zane Low (DJ), Baroness Pitkeathley, Jon Snow (TV presenter) and Dr Crippen (notorious murderer).

Buying in Tufnell Park

Compared with other Zone 2 areas, Tufnell Park still provides good value . If you’re thinking of buying in Tufnell Park, expect to find a great mix of quiet tree-lined streets with period Villas and terraced houses, converted flats and mansion flats that will appeal to both young professionals and families.

Selling in Tufnell Park

Not surprisingly, homes in Tufnell Park sell very well . In recent years homes have increased in value year on year and despite the recent London slowdown, the market in Tufnell Park has remained resilient.

Renting in Tufnell Park

For those looking to rent property in Tufnell Park, there’s plenty to choose from. With flats for sharers and couples, along with homes for families. In recent years, the area also been attracting Young professionals who are drawn-in by Tufnell Park’s excellent tube & public transport links into Central London. Landlords also recognise Tufnell Park’s property investment potential and many have built-up successful rental portfolios in the area.

How can Drivers & Norris help in Tufnell Park?

Drivers & Norris is an independent Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agency that has been helping sellers, buyers, renters and landlords in Tufnell Park, and across North London since 1852. We are experts in selling and letting residential property to buyers and tenants locally, around the UK and Overseas. Our experienced Team of property professionals love working in Tufnell Park and they have exceptional local knowledge & property know-how to provide a Top quality service, whilst also delivering the best possible results for clients. We’re proud of our reputation and that’s why we’d be pleased to show you how Drivers & Norris will make a difference in Tufnell Park.